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You may choose a Multi-user subscription to the Printed edition (for Institutions, Offices, or Groups), or an Individual subscription to the Printed edition, the Electronic edition, or both Printed and Electronic editions.  If you live outside of the U.S. and subscribe to the printed edition of Bat Research News, please note that you must check the appropriate button for the "non-U.S. address."  The printed edition of the journal is sent via bulk mail to all U.S. postal addresses, and via first class mail to all non-U.S. postal addresses.

The pull-down menu below allows you to choose the type of 3-year subscription that you want.  Your choices are:

1)  Multi-user subscription, Print (Institutions, Groups, Offices)  =  $150.00
2)  Individual Print subscription,   U.S. postal address              =  $75.00
3)  Individual Print subscription,   non-U.S. postal address      =  $105.00
4)  Individual Electronic subscription:        =  $75.00
5)  Individual Print + Electronic subscription, U.S. postal address        =  $85.00
6)  Individual Print + Electronic subscription, non-U.S. postal address  =  $115.00

Please use the pull-down menu to choose the appropriate 3-year subscription, then click the "Subscribe" button..  You will be be taken to the PayPal site where you will make your subscription payment.   Thank you!

  • If you are subscribing for someone else or need the journal mailed to a different address than the billing address, please make sure that you change the shipping address when filling out the payment information so that I am notified of the correct mailing address, i.e., where the issues are to be sent.  You may also send Dr. Margaret Griffiths an e-mail message regarding the correct mailing address, questions, comments, or requests.
3-year Subscription to BRN
If you have questions please contact Dr. Margaret Griffiths.  Also contact me if you have comments about your subscription request, or problems or questions about the credit card transaction itself.