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Bat Research News is published quarterly (4 issues/volume-year).  Payment options and prices are described below (all prices are in U.S. dollars and include postage).  Subscription to the journal is for one volume-year, i.e., subscriptions are on a per-volume basis for the calendar year (e.g., Volume 60: Numbers 1-4, 2019).

You may order a subscription to Bat Research News, using one of three payment methods.  If you are a new subscriber to the journal, I will notify you by e-mail when your on-line account is set up, and give you all necessary information to access the Electronic edition of the journal on the BRN secure web site.


You may pay by: 1) Credit or Debit Card using the on-line payment link; 2) your PayPal account using the on-line payment link; or 3) sending a check/money order in U.S. dollars (postal address at bottom of this page).

1 & 2) Credit/Debit card payment or payment via your PayPal account.  You may subscribe to Bat Research News for one or two years.  Please click on the appropriate link below, depending on the length of time you want to subscribe to the journal.  It will take you to a page with further instructions and the "Buy Now" button for using a credit/debit card or PayPal account.  If you are a new subscriber to the journal, I will contact you when your account is set up.

Group Subscriptions refers to having multiple users, e.g., Institutions, Agencies, Offices. 

All credit card and PayPal account users please note:

Rates for 1-year subscriptions are (all prices are in U. S. dollars and include postage):
  One-year Subscriptions for Groups/Institutions/Offices:  
      $55.00 Print only (Electronic subscriptions are not available to multiple users at this time).

  One-year Subscriptions for Individuals:
      $30.00 for Printed edition (incl. Electronic), U.S.A.
      $40.00 for Printed edition (incl. Electronic), non-U.S.A.
      $25.00 for Electronic edition (Individual subscribers only)

Rates for 2-year subscriptions are:
  Two-year Subscriptions for Groups/Institutions/Offices:  
      $110.00 for Institutional subscriptions (Print only)

  Two-year Subscriptions for Individuals:
      $60.00 for Printed edition (incl. Electronic), U.S.A. 
      $80.00 for Printed edition (incl. Electronic), non-U.S.A. 
      $50.00 for Electronic edition (Individual subscribers only)

3) Send a check or money order (in U.S. dollars), payable to "Bat Research News" for the appropriate amount, to:

    Dr. Margaret A. Griffiths
    Bat Research News
    P.O. Box 667
    Bloomington, IL 61702-0667

With your payment, please indicate if this is a new subscription or renewal of your existing subscription.  Also please include:
    mailing address (address where journal should be mailed)
    billing address (if different than mailing address)
    e-mail address
    password (if it is a new electronic subscription)

If you have further questions, please contact Dr. Margaret Griffiths.

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